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Our life can be so full of strife and unexpected twists and turns. I first began a deep journey towards the Stars when a local ferry was sunk and took with it over a hundred high school students. The whole nation was shocked and agrieved for over a month. Then one day, I heard a mundane astrologer explain that it was the Nakshatra called Ardra which means Tears that brought about not just that incident but around the world many catastrophic and tragic events. 

Hearing this information left a profound effect upon me. And that single event had led me down a rabbit hole down the path of learning more about Vedic Astrology. I really enjoy mental challenges so I spent the next couple of years immersing myself with learning the craft. And got many readings for myself.

Then it led me down the path of comparing Vedic Astrology to the Western Astrology which took me another couple of years. It then led me to a series of webinars by another world renowned astrology who sadly passed away earlier this year, namely, Nikolas Stojanovic. His dedication to the craft, and the precision of a unique practice called 'The Degree Theories' confirmed my trust in his teachings. And my chart reading skills made a quantum leap. I began reading charts not only of my immediate family and friends, or celebrities, but at group parties and at nail salon etc. Everyone was hooked! :-) 

The accuracy of the Degree Theory really astounded so many people and they started referring their friends acquaintances to me. So even though it wasn't my initial intention to turn this hobby into anything, gradually it became a steady practice and then I kept being approached to do paid readings on Facebook groups and through people I read for.


Then when Covid 19 struck last year, I was laid off from a course I was offering, and I decided to channel my energy towards answering some requests from several friends in a Facebook Group who were new to astrology. So I ended up making 3 videos and posted them on YouTube. 


I got a new job to sustain myself during Covid 19 so I forgot about the videos but as Nikolas was so famous, the views kept growing. So one little event really led to another over and over again... And one of the most heart warming things I experienced where I truly felt the power of astrological guidance was when my childhood best friend whom I couldn't communicate well with because I was single and she was going through a lot of in-law issues, could for the first time truly understand each other. I could see how much pain she was going through in a much more objective viewpoint because so many malefic planets and aspects were visible in the chart. 

Then another acquaintance I met I read for who had a lot of unhealed early childhood traumas got the reading. And she was somehow really deeply healed by the validations and affirmations I could give to her. Two months ago, she called me excitedly saying she had the best year of her life, and not only was she living her dream career, her children were doing really well as well. 

Of course, I cannot guarantee that every chart reading will be the same like that. What I can do is apply the principles and techniques I have learned from many teachers following their methods as best as I can. And in some instances, without a correct birth time, I may not be able to give you a reading because Nikola's theory requires that level of precision. 

As Covid 19 seems to be still hanging over us, perhaps until next April or economically maybe till the end of next year, I really hope that we can find more coherence and serenity in our lives, under so much duress on many fronts. I don't believe in blindly following the Stars either. I believe that we are all spiritually evolving and growing on the planet Earth. And that when we combine the fun and magical strengths of the Stars' Brightness Shining Upon Our Path with common sense and earthy groundedness, that's where Small Lovely Miracles Dance into Our Lives... 

So if you are Spiritual, Self-Loving, and also Willing to Do the Legwork where Legwork Is Required, then feel free to roam here and on my YouTube channel and Instagram. I would love to create a community of kindred souls and share many laughters, joys, successes, and victories over challenges with you! 

Bowing to the Light I See Within You,

Love an Light, 

Noemi Nobu-Foxx in Seoul, South Korea 

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