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Client Testimonials

Nail Salon Owner

I was spooked when she guessed my recent boyfriends' jobs, an army guy and an oriental doctor... She didn't even know I was in a relationship. She even told me that I would get married to the army guy and I told her I wasn't into that and that I was happy to just have him as a boyfriend. Well, last month, we tied the knot! And she was so right!

LG Advisor & CEO

She was incredibly accurate about my favorite holiday spot which I frequent with my husband every year... She delighted everyone at my home party that night! But it still beats me and it gives me the chills when I think about how she told me just by looking at my chart, "Do you vacation in Hawaii, and go to the same one every year?" Because I totally do!

Accountant & Excel Guru

I happily referred my best friend to her after living *the BEST year* of my life following her consultation. My business life is prosperous and stress-free as I avoid the people she told me to stay away from and my children are successful, too! During the consultation, I cried when she told me how much of a tough time I probably had in my childhood... It was very healing for me.

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